I know this may seen as such a stupid question that many of you may think that why the heck am i even here. To my understanding OpenGl is a 3d rendering, acceleration and stuff object, and it can be used for games, but here is a question, (i know vb) how do you code using the OpenGL object. Does anyone know a good website to help there. Any Help is appreciated.
-Trevor Adams

No, OpenGL is not an object (assuming with object you mean VB objects…). OpenGL is an API, that is basically a collection of functions, that can be used for 3D rendering.

For starting with OpenGL I really recommend learning C. It is possible to use OpenGL with VB, but most tutorials and code samples are written in C.

On this site there are many useful OpenGL tutorials:

I also recommend the “Red Book”. There is an earlier version of it online:

Thanks for the Advice i found NeHe from a websearch, and this makes a little more sense. Thanks again. I decided to learn C++ since me know vb already and find it a pretty limited language like Pascal, since i have the choice of C# and C++. Thanks for the Advice.
-Trevor Adams