What i must do, to get running OpenGL???
I need the GLUT.H and some other libs?
I have downloaded the GLUT.H but it doesn’t run, Visual C++ asked for a Glut32.lib, but can’t find it!

plz help me, BC

There is a toutorial on how to set up openGL on nehe’s web site.

Hope this helps!!

BlackCloud, go here:
Pick up the glut dll’s zip. Within their you’ll find glut32.dll which you should place in your WINNT/system32 directory or whatever is appropriate for your flavor of OS. Put the .lib file into your (compiler)/lib directory and the .h file into (compiler)/include/gl directory. When in doubt, read the readme that comes with the glut distribution. I assume from your question that you do not run *nix.

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