OpenGL wrapping DX8

Ok, it could sounds weird & strange…
But anyone have heard about a DX8 wrapper using GL?
I’ve only found the opposite done by some guys on BeOs.

any hints?

I’ve only found the opposite done by some guys on BeOs

Yes, that’s the easy direction.
Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

Just what i thought! :slight_smile: )

Originally posted by Ozzy:
Just what i thought! )

You mean so you can take a program that requires OpenGL and run it using DirectX 8 instead? It comes with Windows XP. Search the archives of this forum for the words “XP DirectX Wrapper” to read all about it.

I’ve seen game shipping with such wrapper dll (installed on Win98SE, so it’s not XP related)
It had funny option:
a) use OpenGl driver directly
b) or use DX through the OpenGl wrapper
The game is flight simulator, i’m not sure its name (my brother has it, probably IL-2 Sturmovik?)

I thought the XP wrapper only worked for Quake3?

Alt Software have a GL-on-DX wrapper that’s free to download; I’ve used it with an ATi LT Rage Pro and it works reasonably well. I think it’s built as a driver for the Mesa implementation.

Yep yep, but it only wraps DX6.
Anyway, i was just asking this to avoid headaches while coding a D3D version of my rasteriser and then make an easier port using GL.
But… i think i’ll need additional tablets at the end! ;))
thx anyway guys!

Hi Ozzy!

You need to run an OpenGL app over DX8 (or a DX8 app over OpenGL)? Why is it important with DX8 support? Have you checked (but it’s DX6)?

Well, i’ve made a little lib which is supposed to compile & run Xbox samples prg under Win32. (the MSG management with threads & so on was done for this Marcus! thx :wink:
Anyhow, it is in an early stage development and it is more a toy than a serious stuff at the moment coz ->
no Xbox specific extensions are available.
no Xbox resources support.
no Xbox shaders support.
no Network support.

My silly idea was to use only the common parts between WindowsDX8 and xBoxDX8 versions. ;))

So finally, as the Orky project doesn’t need shaders,custom formats and so on it would have been easier to make it run with this modified DX8 version with a GLonDX wrapper instead of rewritting another version of the rasteriser with DX. (rhhaa my head and i’ve got spots raising everywhere :))

As a conclusion, it’s a bit early for such things and i don’t want to maintain support for several APIs right now.

thx again for the links guys!! :slight_smile:

TransGaming has a running OpenGL-based implementation of DirectX, used in WineX.

I play Max Payne and Warcraft 3 on Linux thanks to it.

Of course it’s opensourced.