openGL works on windows 2000 but not windows XP


I am pretty new to openGL and am experiencing weird behavior. I am designing a program that opens 4 windows and displays a graph in each window. This code works perfectly fine under windows 2000 environment, however, when i try to compile/run from a windows xp environment the windows spawn but the graphs do not get displayed properly.

Upon resizing (which works fine in 2000) the contents of the windows (ie colors and content) change.

Also, not sure if that is relavant, but I am using a gui to generate the data points and then use opengl/glut to display them. If I call opengl through a shell command and pass the datafiles as arguments the program crashes on windows XP(again works fine in windows) The behavior described above this paragraph happens when i call openGL from the gui enviroment (ie all code is in one .cpp file)

I am not sure what causes this behavior and would greatly appreciate any advice or guesses of what could be going wrong.


Alernativly, if anybody knows a different way to make sure that the program executable will perform as expected in a windows xp environment, please let me know.

[if i try running the executable (compiled on windows 2000) in windows XP, the program crashes before opening the windows, as is the case when i attempt to compile/run on windows XP through the shell approach.]

Thanks in advance for any input,


mmh, not very clear…
Are there other things that are different, apart OS ? ie. chipset manufacturer, driver version, … whatever ?
What do you use to compile ? IDE, compiler name and version ? run your program with a debugger, to pipoint the exact place where it crashes.
You use GLUT only, no win32 calls for events and windowing ?

I don´t know if this is the same problem, but i´m building a application in Delphi and need to draw a circle in 2D. Ok, I calculated the points and create a loop defining the vertexes around the circle.
For my surprise, some points are “shifted” on X-axis some points, creating a kind of tooth surface. But the funny thing is that only happen in a XP box, with a W2000 works fine, drawing the circle without any problem.
Also, I noticed that if I generate “repaints” on this form, some (wrong) points “moves”, changing the shape.
I’m totally lost with this, but I maded some tests and with some applications, simple nothing is showed in screen.
I’m thinking if its possible something wrong with the pixelformatdefinition, but its only a guess …
Also, the machine working OK have a Intel chipset video on-board, but I have problems with a laptop and a desktop with a FX5200 (inno3D-nvidia) video board …

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