OpenGL work only when uninstall videocard driver?!

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a problem:
I write programs in Delphi and use OpenGL.
When I try to run my project on notebook, but it doesn’t work at all with message such as - Error. Need at least version 1.1 OpenGL etc.
But when I uninstall notebook’s video card driver it perfectly works.
My video card is ATI Radeon Mobility X700 with the latest drivers!!! Maybe these’s something wrong with video card settings?

How it could be?
Install video card driver - OpenGL doesn’t work.
Uninstall - it perfectly works!
I understand nothing!

Please, help me who knows.

Thanks a lot.

get and run this :

please post results both with and without your drivers, and more detail about driver version : Microsoft made ? ati made ? version number ? etc.

Check the OpenGL version with glGetString(GL_VERSION) while the ATI driver is installed.
If it returns 2.0 then probably some of your programs or libraries have a defective version detection mechanism not detecting that 2.0 is better than 1.1.
For example GLEW had this bug before version 1.2.5, I think.

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