OpenGL with VC++ 2005?

Ok, I have this little problem with the new version of VC. I haven´t figured out how I get the SDK for OGL to work. I´ve downloaded the lib and the rest…I don´t where the problem is…I get a lot of errors when I compile tutorials from Nehe and other places. And I´ve compiled them with earlier versions of VC, like VC++ 6.0. I also had problems with BCC32, about the same problem… I don’t know if it has to do something with that I have XP Pro and that VC++ 2005 uses .NET. I have the latest .NET Framework installed btw. Umm, somebody knows what might be wrong, something I’ve missed. maybe something really easy. Please enlight me.

Are you using the 2005 Express edition?

If so, by default it doesn’t come with the latest windows headers or libs. You need to download the platform SDK then put the paths into the compiler directory options.

Once that’s done, you should be fine. I’ve done some coding already in 2005 and there’s no problem getting OGL up and running.