Opengl with sis 530 chipset

I’ve got an onboard intergrated graphics chipstet - SiS 530 i believe. I just wondered if hardware accelerated opengl was possible with it in linux. Im sure there is an opengl driver for it it windows.



I have the same UMA SiS-530 chipset. Of course, hardware accelerated openGL is supported in Microsoft Windows where the prime drivers exist. In Linux, I found only SVGA server support in XFree86-3.3.5 and 3.3.6. On SiS’s website, I found a tared and gziped SVGA server binaries of XFree86 and nothing more. Both are not accelerated servers. The only openGL support that I found is through SGI’s software or by means of Mesa. The SiS-530 is revered to have enough non-volatile firmware bugs where retailers continue to stock it in complete computer deals, yet there are still enough firmware bugs where SiliconIntegratedSystems will not release any later drivers. All of SiS’s other video chipsets are accelerated and One of them is supported in the Utah-glx implementation. XFree86-4.x also includes two or three accelerated chipsets. However, nothing is to be found for the regular ol’ SiS-530.

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