OpenGL with Codewarrior

hello, i’m having incredible difficulty getting OpenGL programs to run in Codewarrior. I have the learning verion 3. What do I have to include, and where are the libraries in OS 10.1.5? if anyone has a relatively simple program that’s in Codewarrior that you could send me that would be great.

thank you.


Are you making a Mach-O or a CFM application?

If you’re making a CFM app, you’ll need to download the CFM OpenGL SDK from Apple. You’ll probably find it linked off . The SDK should have instructions and samples.

If you’re making a Mach-O app, you need to add the OpenGL framework (in /System/Library/Frameworks/ ) to your project, and include <OpenGL/gl.h> and <OpenGL/glu.h> rather than the standard <GL/gl.h> or <GL/glu.h> (go figure). If you’re using GLUT, you’ll need GLUT.framework and Cocoa.framework (same place) as well. The GLUT include is <GLUT/glut.h> rather than <GL/glut.h>, again, go figure.

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