OpenGL-window from a Dialog

Hello everyone,
as you can see in the title, I’m trying to open an OpenGL-window from an Dialog.
Later I want the user to give some Information in this Dialog, (e.g. a length) an after pressing a button, he will see a line in the OpenGL-window, with this length (thats not the final goal but if this small step would work it would help me a lot… :wink: )
Can you help me pls??

:frowning: noone got an idea?!
Or don’t you understand what I’m trying to do?
If so, please ask!!! I’ll try to make it more clearly!!

What’s the problem you are having?
Are you having trouble initializing GL?

Not excactly…
I’ve got an example code from the nehe-Site, which opens an OpenGL-window from This programm needs the gl.h, glu.h and windows.h-Header.
My programms creates a windows forms Dialog. Therefor I need to use the System::Windows::Forms namespace and some others. These namespaces seem to cause trouble with the windows.h-header (some declerations were given twice…) If I leave the windows-header out, I cannot include the gl.h and glu.h…
So I was looking for some example-code, where someone has solved these difficulties, to find an idea how it could work…
Can you help?