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If I look at the OpenGL Wiki nothing is happen in tha last days! It looks that the account distribution is very restrictive. Maybe its the wrong way.



I don’t think there are the resources to manage vandalism & erroneous content.

Get an account and take a longer term view with the wiki. It’s really just an FAQ replacement to prevent complete stagnation.

If it’s not working over the long haul then maybe a different approach could be implemented.

FYI :- I have no more control over this than you, I’m just stating my opinion.

I think that inexperience with editing wikis’ is a problem here as well. I have written a couple of articles on GLSL but dunno where to put them and secondly i don’t know the standard headings and formatting etc. for the wiki :frowning: (like you have in wikipedia). However, i am sure that once it gets going, there’ll be a wealth of information available, but that’ll take some time.

Originally posted by dorbie:
I don’t think there are the resources to manage vandalism & erroneous content.

Vandalism isn’t the problem, erroneous content maybe. I think that every longterm member of the forum should get a account. IMHO this is secure enouth.

are you kidding? you’d give me an account???

Originally posted by Zulfiqar Malik:
I think that inexperience with editing wikis’ is a problem here as well.
Check out previously created pages and you’ll get an idea. It’s rather simple.
It’s not a big deal to sign up. Isn’t one of the requirements to be a long time member?

If you know OpenGL but not wiki formatting, go ahead, write something. People more capable in wiki (but less in GL) can then reformat it nicely.

Just ask for an account :slight_smile:

I doubt you’d vandalize a wiki knackered, and you aren’t doofus enough to post errors. It’s just the wrong medum for your err… peculiar proclivities.

zbuffer has it exactly right, just click edit and paste your text, preferably in a clean link for a page that hasn’t been created yet. A good wiki pilot can clean it up for you if it needs formating. Content is important and formatting is much easier than authoring good content from scratch.

Originally posted by ZbuffeR:
Just ask for an account :slight_smile:
I’d like an account, please :wink:


perhaps a group effort is needed
eg a topic is posted here each week (say here in the advanced forum)
and ppl stick replys on what the wiki info should contain

i would like to see a list of each card generation eg for nvidia
and a list of what they cant do.
eg gffx no NPOT textures
this would save me (and others) time, trying to do something that a card is not capable of.

so if noone has any better ideas ill post this topic tommorrow

i would gladly help with a wiki but
A/ my english is terrible
B/ i have difficulties in sticking concepts into words (finding the right words)
C/ my maths skills are limited, i do things based on commonsense + not by accepted practices

I would have a account too. I like write some stuff for linux and OpenGL but I’m not a native speaker and so my spelling isn’t the best.

Here is NOT the place to ask for an account.

Follow instructions here :

Is it just me, or has everyone gone wacky over the wiki? I think the fact that it’s been made sticky contributes to fervor.