OpenGL Warning

I am running on a Solaris 8 system using Qt 3.3. I have multiple QGLWidgets in my QMainWindow. I am able to create more QGLWidgets and then go back to the original amount of QGLWidgets on the screen. I have noticed when I create a lot of QGLWidgets (approx 15-25) and then drop back to my original amount (approx 5-7) I get probably 40-50 warnings that say “OpenGL/FFB Warning: unable to allocate hardware window ID”. Now when I try to pan around in my QGLWidgets, they flicker off and on and sometimes don’t reappear when I finish panning in the QGLWidget. Does anybody have any ideas what this warning is and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help!

Sounds like something horrible like creating a context for each widget.

Try creating one drawable area for your widgets and make them children of that…just a wild guess, but that error sounds nasty.

You might want to try FLTK for quick cheap GL Widgets that don’t do horrible things with window resources.