OpenGl w/Java

I am learning OpenGl in a class. We use MS Visual C++, or Unix C. I would like to write programs in JAVA using openGl. I also have JDK1.3 from Sun , and could get earlier JDKs. I have found nothing on the web that sounds like it would allow me to write OpenGl programs using Java. Can you help? I usually us Windows98 or 2000, but can also work on HUSUN3 machines. I’ll do whatever I have to do to be able to use OpenGl with Java. Help! Harry

I have not tried it but you could look at GL4Java.

I have seen other libraries for Java/OpenGL but this is the only one that I could remember off hand.

Also, if you want some tutorials, you could look at

I think that some of the tutorials on Nehe’s site have been ported to Java.

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Thanks! I have been to the GL4Java site and tried what I could. It looks to me like it’s entire focus is on enabling browsers to us Java with OpenGl/Java code - but I could find nothing about allowing a JDK compiler to use OpenGL. It may be there somewhere, but nothing I read implied that to me. I need someone who has been down this route to show me the way.

Have you looked at Java3D? I believe its built on OpenGL libs.

Take a look at

you might find this to be useful.

I’ve spent a little time looking at Java 3D but assumed it was different enough from OpenGl that it would take a fair amount of additional learning time. I will look again with the idea that it may be a close cousin and the learning might not be so difficult. Thanks. I’m still hoping to find a way to use Java with a reasonable direct port of OpenGl. Harry

Look at the following link for examples on using GL4Java to write OpenGL applications:

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I took a quick look at the HODGLIM site. It looks like it’s dealing with exactly what I need to know. Thanks! Harry