OpenGL w/ DirectX


Another beginners’ questions here.

I’ve heard of programs combining OpenGL with some part of DirectX like DirectInput. Why would anyone want to do that? Couldn’t OpenGL take care of everything, or is DirectInput (or DirectSound) more low-level and thus more appropriate for let’s say games?

Plus would you happen to know which DirectX version is shipped with Visual C++ 6.0?


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OpenGL is for graphics only, so you need something to take care of input and sound/music too. DirectInput and DirectSound are good choises.

MSVC6 does not ship DirectX at all if I’m not mistaken.


I am quite confident that Visual C++ 6 comes with the DirectX SDK files pre-installed. I am just not sure whether it’s version 5 or 6 of the SDK.

I had a look in my installation of MSVC6, and there was indeed a version of DX in there. Looks like it’s version 5. I did not install it, so it was obviously installed with MSVC.