OpenGL Vsync with latest nVidia Detonator

I’m looking to make a program for the network center I work for to allow users to turn Vsync on and off whenever they want, since some people like it on, and some like it off.

These computers all have the latest nVidia Dets. Is there a registry key I can use to turn Vsync on and off?

It depend of your programming language and your compiler technology ( .NET), what are they ?

With VC++ 6.0 in C/C++, the MSDN said there is a function but only with DX api

Gollum, I think Breakdown don’t want to programmatically toggle vsync in the GL program itself, but change directly the driver global setting.

To select vsync in a single GL prog though, use the WGL extension, wglSwapIntervalEXT, param=0 for vsync off, param=1 for vsync on.

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