OpenGL video overlay

I am starting a new project I wish to in OpenGL, display a video ideally a compressed AVI file, overlay some various graphs and what not, and record the composite into a new AVI file, preserving the sound is not a real issue but it would be nice. I want to be able to put about 1 hours worth of halfway decent video on 1 CD. Any subjections what kind of controls and to display, and record the new video. This would all be done as a full screen display.

Why do you think this has anything to do with OpenGL?

To de-compress and re-compress video (and audio) go look at the DirectShow or QuickTime developer web sites (Windows and MacOS respectively).

I suppose you could use OpenGL to display the frame once you’ve decompressed it; just glTexSubImage2D to upload the data, and draw a quad covering the screen to display it.

If you want to use OpenGL to overlay graphics, then you can render the graphics with blending after you displayed this quad. You can also read back the frames with glReadPixels(), although that’s often not real fast :frowning:

Speed is not a real issue this does not have to be done real time, as long as a I can read in data frame by frame from the video. Although it would be nice to do this real time. This is not realy a OpenGL issue, I just need to know some good tools or a pointer on how to pull the data from one video file overlay what graphics I want on it, and then save it in a new file. What I realy need to know how to do is to open video file, pull frames from it, then save the new frames i.e. screen captures of my overlay into the new video file.

My reply already answered the question about where to look for more information.