OpenGL version

How can I find out which version of OpenGL I have installed on my computer?

I have the latest drivers from my graphics card vendor, is that enough to know that I have the latest version of OpenGL?

Thank’s for your time.

Short : with the latest driver for your card, yes you have the latest GL version supported by your hardware manufacturer.

Long : if you have a doubt, download GLinfo :
And check the “driver info”, “Opengl version”.
But you have to know that the GL version is some kind of joke. I mean, with GL 1.1 and all the extensions, you have more than GL 1.4 for example. The extension mechanism allow any GL vendor to develop fast its own hardware features. That way, you get standard ARB and EXT extensions, plus NVidia extensions, Ati extensions, etc. It a problem for compatiblity though.

glGetString( GL_VERSION); and
glGetString( GL_EXTENSIONS); might be handy.