OpenGL version for Intel GMA 4500

Does Intel GMA 4500 support OpenGL >= 3.x?

Thank you a lot.

No, it doesn’t. It’s a GL 2.1 GPU. You need an Intel HD series GPU to get OpenGL 3.x.

This is a bad news :frowning: I can’t use CPU processing with VBO buffer, glNormalPointer, glColorPointer and glVertexPointer ?

glNormalPointer, glColorPointer and glVertexPointer were introduced in GL1.1, and VBOs in GL 1.5, so you can use them.

You just can’t use Vertex Array Objects (VAOs), as those are GL 3.0, unless GL_ARB_vertex_array_object is supported by the GMA 4500. All that means is that you need to do more vertex setup work when drawing an object, rather than setting them up once and just binding the VAO.

I asked before in another place as to why this GPU in particular had DX10 support and yet no GL3. The only reason I was given was the lack of multisampling support.

I really hope there’s more to it than that, because if that truly is the only reason, then that’s really disappointing. Surely multisampling can be mocked easily by just ignoring it outright? What program would actually check for that so thoroughly?

I’d like some more explanation than just “it just can’t”, like I’ve been given everywhere else.

First, please don’t unearth threads from nearly a decade ago for such additional questions that are only tangentially related.

Second, the reason it has no GL 3 support is because Intel didn’t give it GL 3 support. That’s it. Intel isn’t exactly good at GL support, and they have historically treated it as a thing they will get around to when they feel like it.

And the GMA 4500 is ancient hardware from well over a decade ago. Even if there was a GL 3.x driver for it, it would undoubtedly be riddled with driver bugs that will never be fixed because the hardware is no longer being supported. So it wouldn’t be wise to rely on it even if it was there.

It’s just old, unsupported hardware. There’s little need to go further than that.

Your answer implies that the hardware is even capable of GL3. This contradicts with what was told to me by Mesa developers.

There’s little need to go further than that.

That is not for anyone to decide.

I don’t find that it is a contradiction.

Even if it is not fully GL 3 capable, you can try to see what extensions are supported. I really don’t know if you’ll find some, but this is something easy to do, with for example glxinfo, if you’re on Linux.

I was told that the GPU was itself not capable of supporting GL3 due to lack of multisampling support.

Even if it is not fully GL 3 capable, you can try to see what extensions are supported.

That’s unfortunately what I have to do, yeah. Just GL2.1 with extensions. But not like it matters much when only one person does.

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