OpenGL v1.2 for Win 98?

The latest v1.2 OpenGL specification from the ARB now has some image processing functions that I am interested in using (such as convolution, etc.) I could not find anything on that had the latest downloads for the 1.2 spec. So far, I have only come across v1.2 for Solaris at Sun’s site. Does OpenGL v1.2 exist yet for Win 9x? If so, where is it?

Now that DirectX8 is coming closer to OpenGL1.2 than ever, M$ told the dev that OPenGL1.2 will be available for the windows platform before the end of the year.

They even talk about a release at the same time as DirectX8.

I hate M$ activities and hope it will be broken in at least 4 entities.
(OS, Software, Hardware, console, games…)

i am afraid you must write your own gl wrapper and check the 1.2 extensions…

Good Luck…

ps: please forget DirectX! contact me if you
need a wrapper&headers.

I am afraid that you must not
There is OpenGL 1.2 support in new nVidia drivers … even 3D texturing, etc. Though, it seems, that ARB_imaging is not included there.