OpenGL using Managed C++ and Windows Forms

Can someone please provide a simple “bouncing box” example of OpenGL using Managed C++ (not C#) and Windows Forms.

I’ve recently moved from OpenGL in MFC and trying to get to get to grips with Windows Forms and OpenGL, and would love to have a working example to dissect so I can re-frame my mind. Basically I’m trying to figure out how Windows Forms does it.


Oh, this was sweet, okay, so its a start. I trawlled the web looking for any wrappers for OpenGL, and came across a couple.

But I settled on the Tao Framework for .NET (

I downloaded the Framework and installed all the dlls as required. And set about creating my first OpenGL enabled windows form application using managed C++.

And it works just fine. They have a C# example at ( ), but this is simple enough to convert to C++ so I was able to get up and running in next to no time. And it works.

Its a start, but I’ll be playing around with it for a while but at least now I can concentrate on the opengl as per norm.

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