OpenGL under 2000/XP. -. Refresh Rate


I have been doing some tests with openGL under windows 2000/XP and I have one ‘tiiiiiiny’ problem, everything runs in 60hz.

Could someone guide me in the right path to having them in, say, for instance 75hz easily?


Hi, yeah i had the same problem.
As far as i know, there is no setting that you can change so OpenGL apps run under a desired refresh rate.
I edited the registry so my OpenGL apps all run under 85 Hz. its real simple, and if you want to know id be happy to tell.

  • Dave

Your display properties are probably sync’d to your monitor refresh rate. Turn off vertical sync’ing and watch your apps fly! Although 60Hz is plenty fast enough for the human eye.

Well, something a bit ‘easier’ on the eye would be nice to have

Although 60Hz may well be fast enuff for the human eye, and fast enuff for animation. The fact is at that speed the flicker from the monitor is very noticable, and can give people headaches, (similar to the effect of strip lighting) even when nothing onscreen is even moving. Just the actual refreshing. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than 80hz.


If you use ChangeDisplaySettings(), you can use the dmDisplayFrequency member in the DEVMODE structure to set display frequency in fullscreen mode. Just don’t forget to add DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY to dmFields.

I had this problem until I downloaded a util for my nvidia card to set the default refresh rate.