OpenGL to Game Executable

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been interested in learn about OpenGl and Vulkan in a whole but there is a question I can’t to get answered anywhere. Also bare in mind I’ve never programmed but I know what I am looking for.
I have a game that had been ported to OpenGL from Direct X 9. I have also tried browsing through tutorials and learning the API from scratch which is fine, but there a certain point I need get to, but before I start learning about the API, I need to know if where I need to get to exists in any tutorials.

At which point of any tutorials available does it mention about how an API links itself to an actual game directory you would like to affect?
Tutorials talk about shaders and triangles etc etc, which I don’t mind learning, but I need to know that when you start learning about the API, at which point does the code(s) start reference the files or folders to allow that executable DMG, DEB or EXE run.

I open a project in e.g. Visualbasic and is there reference to the file or folder path for which the Visual basic would like to affect or change. How the API is actually linked to the program or game you want to change.

I ask this because the game that is ported to OpenGL executes or runs as a DMG and I want to convert it to a Linux executable or even .sh command you can run in terminal. But I have a feeling you need to find which files for the DMG file run first when you open the DMG so I can replicate is for Linux instructions.

If this doesn’t make sense let me know or if there is more information needed for my question give me a shout please.


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