opengl to d3d wrapper?

does anyone kno where to find a opengl to d3d wrapper? if u could this would really be helpful…

What platform are you using that only has OpenGL? Xbox?

its windows but my d3d is messed up… i want the game to convert the d3d api function calls to the opengl api…

This doesn’t feel like the right forum, but I believe that such a wrapper would help the games-on-Linux crowd, and perhaps people porting games to MacOS X, too.

Check they emulate DirectX calls enougth to make Warcraft III work on linux (OpenGL only).

But it is not for Windows obviously.

opengl to d3d wrapper
You mean a d3d to opengl wrapper. Maybe I’m being pedantic, but it does somewhat fundamentally change what you’re asking for.

which supports DX8
including D3DX library (x file loading)