OpenGL text rendering

I am a newbie to this site so any mistakes in posting questions i m sorry… I have started working in opengl. I want to know how to render text in opengl es 2.0? I have searched internet and found it has to be done through third party libraries but i am not interested in doing that way so if you can tell me how i can render text on opengl screen…

Thanks in advance…

In order to draw text, we will need some way to read a font, and have it converted into a format that we can use with OpenGL. Many operating systems have a standard way to read fonts, but there are also many libraries that can do this. A very good, well-known, cross-platform library is FreeType. It supports a lot of font formats, including TrueType and OpenType.

hope it helps. i did some text ren. so ask me if u need help

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