OpenGL Text Output

Is there a simple call that creates 3D text on a OpenGL surface? Or one that creates a polygon rep of the text to display so that it could be textured?


It depends on your platform. Windows has wglUseFontOutlines which may or may not be exactly what you are looking for. There appears to be a cross platform library called GLTT (true type) along with other font info on various platforms which can be found here

Thanks for the pointer. The O/S that I am programming in is primarly Linux. However, thus far, I have been able to stay pretty portable to Windows. I will pour over the link info that you have provided.


I have made a class which renders text using GL. It actually does not print text on a surface but “creates it”. Probably it’s not what you’re searching for, but maybe it is.

Some features are missing but it works ok, I used it really often and I feel it works. The only problem is generating the font itself (you need to create a descriptor for each font) - the font are not loaded from the os.

I can mail it to you if you are interested.