OpenGL support for Antialiasing in IvyBridge HD4000 iGPU?


Can anyone tell me if the current openGL drivers for the new HD4000 iGPU in the IvyBridge processors properly support Antialiasing?
I’m currently using version

I’m finding that framerates are being crippled and there are some rendering artifacts when AA is enabled.
eg. Framerates drop from 120fps to somewhere between 0.5 and 4fps.
This is bad enough that the application (Celestia) becomes almost unresponsive and unusable.
For further details and screenshots showing the artifacts (lines and bright edges) and FPS (bottom-left corner) refer to this thread at the Celestia Forum: is coming soon

In Celestia AA is enabled in the celestia.CFG file, by setting the sampling level AntialiasingSamples to a value greater than 1. (default 1 = AA disabled), and enabling the Render option Antialiasing in the running app.
AFAIK, other graphics hardware does not have this issue, as that would have been reported long ago in the Celestia forum, so I don’t believe this to be an app specific issue.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Please advise if any further details are required. I’ll try to provide as much detail as I can.


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