OpenGL support for 64 bit?

Hi All,
We are currently migrating our application from 32 bit to 64 bit.
Could you please tell me whether the existing OpenGL(come with PlatformSDK) will support for 64 bit or we have to go for another one ?

System details,
1: Intel Dual Core
2: Windows XP Professional(SP2)
3: VS 2005

I believe you need Windows XP x64 to do that since the OpenGL system library needs to be 64-bit.

You can compile your software for x64 on your current system if you’ve installed all x64-libraries with your VS2005, but you’ll need an 64Bit Windows to run it.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I have installed all x64 libraries of VS2005.
But the OpenGL which comes along with PlatformSDK is showing OpenGL32.lib. As it is showing 32lib i am in confusion whether it will support for 64bit or not?

Thanks again

The x64 OpenGL dll is called opengl32.dll too, so I guess the lib-file will be called similarly. Still, there is no much point in compiling the program for x64 if you have no x64 machine to test it, is there?

I am having 64 bit Windows XP installed on my machine.

I am porting my application from 32 bit to 64 bit and we are using OpenGl as 3rd party package and while linking i am not getting any error. I am using OpenGL for very first time so i do not have much idea about it. Only its name(OpenGL32.lib) put me in trouble why it is named so. Anyway thanks a lot for your favor.


I believe that 64bit is on the processor, nothing to do with OpenGL library - because OpenGL is for the gfx board. 32 and 64 bit got to do on the compiler right?

I don’t really get your point… To use the 64bit mode of modern CPUs you need to use 64bit code (code compiled with 64bit compiler). And as OpenGL driver runs on CPU just like everything else, you need the 64bit driver.

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