OpenGL SuperBible

Does anyone know if OpenGl SuperBible is a good book. I am thinking to buy one but there seems to have some totally different opinions on the book. any idea?

My opinion : excellent, the best !

In my opinion the “The OpenGL Programming Guide” aka the RED BOOK is much better, I own booth of this book and i prefer the RED BOOK

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The only thing the SuperBible will teach you that RedBook won’t is some Windows stuff.

I would just get sample code off the web to get yourself going with windows. Or even (shudder) use Glut.

IMHO, the RedBook is better.


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take a look at

this might be useful.

I bought the SuperBible for the Windows stuff and as a beginner to graphics programming it was very helpful. Now however, I wish I’d got both (and I will eventually) cos some things aren’t very well explained in the SuperBible.

Maybe I just need to spend more time with it…