Opengl Superbible Source Code is missing

Hi there the source code pointed to by this page

is no longer where the links point to.

Is there a mirror somewhere?

Thanks guys.


What is the one you need? If, by chance, it is the Linux package, i have SB-LinuxSrc.tar.bz2 here and i could update if it works for you.

Links are really not working, neither the one you pasted neither which is supposed to be the SuperBible homepage…

Hi there thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am after the SB-LinuxSrc.tar.bz2

I tried the links today just to check and still no luck.
Any way of getting this would be a big help.


Hi there

just tried the links again, and they appear to be working again.
I am just grabbing AllSource in case they disappear again.

Thanks again.