OpenGL Superbible Samples

I downloaded the Windows sample programs for:
OpenGL SuperBible
Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference
by Richard S. Wright, Benjamin Lipchak, and Nicholas Haemel

When I tried to run them using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, I get many errors for missing libraries and routines. I included two missing libraries: freeglut_static.lib and libc.lib, but now I get unsatisfied references for:
__RTC_CheckEsp, __RTC_Shutdown, et al.

What do I need to do to run these samples using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 under Windows XP?

Thank you.

Seems that the GLUT library is linked against an older CRT version. Try compiling GLUT for yourself. Maybe use freeglut (hint: google). Or just don’t use glut at all. Setting up a window and a rendering context is under 100 lines of code. GLUT sucks anyway.

I am wondering in which environment did the authors compiled and debugged the codes in chapter 19 of this book? I am having the same problem with VS 2005 and I am a total newbie to OpenGL and more to Visual C++. Did they use Borland C++ or C++ Builder or Visual C++ 6 or ?

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