OpenGL Superbible 2nd Edition

Does anyone have a copy of the OpenGL SuperBible 2nd Edition? If so, does it have a section dedicated multithreading using Win32, not MFC?

I know this is off topic, but I cannot find any decent resources on this topic.

why would you think it would?

try here - you might get more luck …

Because I recall hearing it someplace and would like to know for sure before spending 50 bucks on another OGL book.

I have the 2nd editon and yes it does have the chapter you seek (multi-threading w/ opengl w/ win32 and NOT MFC). The 2nd edtion of the superbible is a good book.


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Thanks for the informative reply. I have the 1st edition–and from the sounds of things, the author does not have to code for food anymore–and chapter 4 mentioned it briefy and provided a very simple app that skimmed the surface.

I’m going to Amazon now to order it.

Again, thanks for the first hand info.