OpenGL SuperBible 1st edition

Hi all,

I’ve picked up a first edition of the superBible with a foreword from Microsoft dated 1996.

Is it likely to be up to date or should I look for something else?


I think there’s a second edition.

Everything in it is still valid, this is not Direct3D so it all works the same way today as it did then, but of course it does lack some of the late OpenGL extensions, but if you are going to use it to learn OpenGL it will be just fine.


I am reading the exact book, which I found online in pdf format. It is a great reference and has helped me understand many topics that are discussed here. The only thing I have found irrelevent so far is Chapter 8 Color and Shading, you should read some of it but ignore the explantions of 256 bit color pallete and how to implement them, unless of course you are writing legacy compatible software <BG>.