OpenGl stopped working with the new graphics card

Recently Dell changed the graphics card on my
Dell Precision 920 to NVIDIA NV15GL Quadro II Pro. It caused a quite bizarre problem. Any OpenGL programs, including the ones that worked before on this computer, that read bmp
images stopped working. I tried a number of test programs that map a texture onto a cube,
for instance, from a .bmp file that worked fine
on other Windows NT 4.0 computers (and that used to work before on mine). They now crash the computer big time.
I can only reboot with the reset button.
I reinstalled OS and drivers with Dell help,
nothing works. What do I need to make OpenGL
work again?

Go to nvidia’s website and download the drivers for your graphics card.

But here, it’s a forum for coding, there’s another forum for this kind of questions.