OpenGL states ( glx conetxt ) and shared objects ( .so )

Hi got a problem…
Probaly knwo the couse but don’t knwo the solution.
I’m making a opengl renderer under linux.
And using somthing like plugin effects system ( the effects are stored in .so files and are loaded dynamicly with use of dnfcl.h functions ).
Now the problem is , the functions inside the .so files use gl functions ( applying textures etc ) but there is no effect…
Checked if the functions from the lib are loaded probpaly and if the function inside are realy called.
The main thread ( where the glx context was created ) is in the app which loads the .so files.

I checked if the functions inside the .so have acces to to GLX conetxt ( with glXGetCurrenContext ) and the structs points to the smae context as the struct created in the app ).

I do not see why it should not work. Probably do you miss something in your OpenGL init code like setting some state or not loading a texture.

The texture is loaded properly.
The states are enabled…

There is the main app which creates the GLX context.
And there’s a .so file that has function e_func_render( effect* __e )
This function applys the effect ( this does only a texture bind - for test reasons ).
But the texture itsn’t binded.
Checked for error - no errors at all…

Sorry…found the problem…very stupid one…

I think you are looking in the wrong direction if you are focusing on that the functions is in a shared .so file. The normal OpenGL functions is also in a shared library.
I do not know… you try to bind the texture in the main thread that created the OpenGL context, right?
The context is not shared between the threads.

I was thinking too long to see you last post.

The stuff works now ( hehehe…it’s imbarasing…was calling the function from .so beetwen glBegin( ) and glEnd( ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Now it works great…

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