OpenGL setup on Qtopia


I am new to Qtopia and OpenGL and trying to work on using the capabilities on OpenGL on Qtopia platform.

I have installed Qtopia 4.3.1 version over Fedora Linux.
While installing Qtopia I could find messages during the configuration process of Qtopia target that it doesn’t have support for openGL.

Now I want to setup/install/integrate openGL on Qtopia. I couldn’t find much data/information on this over net.

Can anyone guide me on how to work on this.



Which distribution do you have?
Did you make sure to install Mesa/OpenGL development packages with needed headers before configuring and compiling Qtopia?
What procedure did you take to configure, compile and install Qtopia?

Some info can be found here:
Qtopia Core and OpenGL
Has anyone compiled Qtopia Core with OpenGL?

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