Opengl + savage4 help

i had a voodoo2 and played unreal tournament on it in linux but i bought a new mobo and my voodoo2 has conflicts whit my mobo, so i replaced my voodoo2 with a savage4

but i cant get it to work with opengl, it seems its not supported, is there another way to play this game in linux with opengl ?

plz help me thx

I don’t think i can help you. But Unreal Tournament is not done for opengl, but glide and directx. it’s optimized for glide/voodoo.
so, i don’t think it will work.
But i wanted to know: is it the windows version that you play under Linux, or the linux one ? 'cause i’ve read somewhere that we could play unreal tournament windows version under linux with wine.

no, im using the linux version of ut

why emulating when there is a linux version ?

ut rocks in linux, cuz its 10x faster

is they have no support im going to get my voodoo2 back, that i sold last year

it works fine on a voodoo2, better then in windoze

ah yeh ?

when you have win/ut, and don’t want to bye linux/ut, you must use wine to do so.
I have a geforce 2 card and ut worked better with my 2 voodoo2 cards. And now, i use directx, cause the opengl mode is not fine.

Otherwise, i think i have a solution for you.Sorry but i forgot it, now i remain:
install first glide drivers, then mesa.
Then use this in a prompt:
export MESA_GLX_FX=f
that will enable glide for opengl.

I’m not sure that it will work, but quake3 demo functionated correctly with that.
good luck, keep me in live !


ps: how to find ut for linux ?

No linux version of UT is sold so you have to download the binaries and use it together with your linux CD. You can probly save a lot of space by creating symbolic links to the data on the Windows partiton. The OpenGL version has become better and better so the final release is pretty good. More information is avaliable from Loki.

If you thinking of switching card (good idea) so remember that nvidia rocks with linux.

It should obvios be “your CD with the Windows version of UT” instead of “your linux CD” in the above message.

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