OpenGL runs slow

I have many programs on my computer that use OpenGL and DirectX, all of them having an option of choosing which. I use DirectX. With OpenGL on my computer, the frame rate is 8. Anything with it take about 2 seconds to appear and 3-4 seconds for the click to respond. Both of those things usually take a fraction of a second, and I have a very fast computer. However, With DirectX, the frame rate is 50, and everything appears and responds extremely fast. So why not use DirectX all the time? Well there’s some reasons I’m not going to talk about. But I want OpenGL to run faster, if, that doesn’t include buying some program. I am aware that fixing this problem may not be a good option for me or might not even be possible.

Have you updated your drivers to the latest version?

Some programs use an old OpenGL version but a modern DirectD3 version. Dor example, I know a program that uses the very old OpenGL 1.4 but Direct3D 9 for some reason. It could be something like that for your programs.

I think you’ll have to give more information than that.
What’s your laptop/desktop make and model?
What graphics card/chipset does it have?
Which version of Windows are you running?
Which driver version have you installed?
Which programs are you referring to?

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