OpenGL render/driver enumeration

hi everyone,
I’m trying to find the Windows functions for enumerating the available OpenGL drivers/renderers and querying their capabilities. For systems with several different graphics cards, I’m trying to build up a list of their drivers etc.

The equivalent on OSX are these functions:
** Renderer information functions
extern CGLError CGLQueryRendererInfo(GLuint display_mask,
CGLRendererInfoObj *rend, GLint *nrend);
extern CGLError CGLDestroyRendererInfo(CGLRendererInfoObj rend);
extern CGLError CGLDescribeRenderer(CGLRendererInfoObj rend, GLint
rend_num, CGLRendererProperty prop, GLint *value);

There are the Win32 function = EnumDisplayDevices and EnumDisplaySettings
but they aren’t GL related.

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