OpenGL remote run

Do we have to have OpenGL on both machine to run it remotely?

I got an answer from this forum: Both sides need

But I still have a question:
What does it mean by having an OpenGL?
Does it mean both garphics card and shared library?


  • K. Bryant

Hold on a second, what operating system are you using, what windowing system and how are you running your softarwe.

You can do this on a Unix like OS where you have X an server that support GLX, and there may be 3rd party stuff to do this for windows (i.e. let Windows act as an X server with 3D (GLX) support) but I’m not aware of an equivalent to support windows based 3D applications.

I think something like remote desktop would just transfer bitmaps leaving you network limited, it might be acceptable.

GLX on the other hand would give you server side textures and display lists (reversed client server model) and therefore let you run quickly on your ‘thin’ desktop X server ‘client’.

I could be wrong about what’s available for windows remote display of course.

When OpenGL application is executed remotely, you don’t even need a video card, monitor, or keyboard on the remote computer.

However, the remote computer actually executes an OpenGL application. Think yourself what is needed to run this application.

I don’t think that MS Windows is designed based on client/server paradigm, and I never heard about running OpenGL (even DirectX) applications remotely in MS Windows.