opengl programs in a web browser

Hello guys,
I am trying to work my opengl programs run in a web browser. I know that there is something called ActiveX, which provides the tools to do that stuff in windows. I was wondering if anyone has ever done such stuff before. I appreciate any kind of help or suitable references.


Hi Vijay,

I never worked with ActiveX, but there are other solutions. I know two:

-GL4JAVA: maps the complete OpenGLTM 1.3 API and the complete GLU 1.2 API to JavaTM and integrates all managment functions.

-Yindo: Yindo improves the developer experience through the adoption of familiar programming standards and application programming interfaces such as OpenGL, Lua, sockets, fileio, and OpenAL.

Good bye!

Look on this page for a demo called “OpenGL ActiveX”.

Hey thanks to all of you for support!! I really appreciate your efforts in this particular topic. A week before, I had no clue as to whether opengl can be rendered in a browser at all. Well thanks for the forums… It really brings people closer
I havent yet started with ActiveX though but I would need to…

Thanks anyways,

i think you can use opengl in shockwave. not in those files created by Macromedia Flash but created by Macromedia Director.
Toxi from said something like “Director (shockwave) has a fine 3D engine and supports DirectX/OpenGL, even in your browser”

Look at his/their site for some examples including sample code i think.

PS: Shockwave is a bit more platform-independant than ActiveX, and i think its also a bit more trustworthy (i.e. secure)

Just like to say I was most impressed with the way yindo works. Well worth a look!

[Also, if you are a relative newcomer, then some of the NeHe tutorials are reworked in yindo, and it uses GLUT for the window handling - ok, not to everyone’s taste, but there you go].