OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition - website problem

Hello folks,

I received email message from Informit and my “OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition” ebook was now available for download after I preordered that. That book gives some tutorial about GLSL programming. I tried to access to get source code example download but just got blank page with a error message said that:

We’ve encountered some technical problems with the site’s content. We’re working to resovle the problem as fast as we can. Please check back soon.

A few weeks ago, I tried to access that website but this problem is never fixed for many weeks. What’s up?


Don’t you think this is a wrong place to complain about some external site?

The book is not published yet officially. Even then (after 30.03.) it is not guaranteed the site will work properly.

Yes, Publisher ( said that its release date was yesterday but online stores said that release date is a week away. Hmm.

Ok, I have wait for website is back online to get sample codes for that 8th edition book. Thanks for your replies.