OpenGL program appears in B&W under XP

I’ve tried running several OpenGL programs under Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, and Windows XP. When run under 98/ME, those programs display the appropriate colors. Under XP, however, the programs display in black and white. A friend of mine tried running those programs under his XP, and they also showed up in B&W. Is this a common occurrence under XP, and if so, does anyone know the cause of the problem – and how to correct it?


Hi !

What kind of programs ? is this programs you have created yourself or is it applications created by different persons ?

If they are all done by the same person there might be some nasty bug in the initialization code or something like that.

What kind of video hardware do you have ? does your friend that tested has the same hardware ?

I have never had any problems using OpenGL on any XP machine (I am using nVIDIA most of the time).