OpenGL Profiler for the GeForce 8800 GT?

Hi there,

i’m looking for the profile of this video card, where can i get it ?
i really need it for playing with some game, opengl profiler is the only one issue for having a good render.
TY very much for your help ^^

Are you talking about the Apple developer tool (in which case it’s included with Xcode) or something else?

TY for the answer.
Yeah"The Apple developer tool"
Here’s a picture
i have a profile for the GeForce 6800, 5200, etc… but not for my new card.
The GeForce 8800 GT from apple.
so i need it for playing to my game.
So ty for your help ^^

All that popup does is change the extension string reported by OpenGL to match that of the target video card. This is intended to be used by developers to quickly turn off extensions so they can check how their application reacts to missing features on older video cards.

It does not (and there is no way that it ever could) enable hardware features that you don’t have, or make your video card work like another one.

In other words, if you have a game that requires GeForce 8800 extensions, you need to buy a GeForce 8800.

no, i just need this profile.
So where can i get it ?

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