OpenGL + POSIX thread = Segmentation fault

When I try to draw some objects in pthread function programm breaks (segmentation fault)…

Same example:

void *compile_events(void *aSuper) {
class MainGL super;
super = (class MainGL
) aSuper;
while(1) {

MainGL is a simple class which has a display, reshape & other same openGL functions (friend functions of class).

Please, help me if you understand my problem.

It seems to me that either the maingl window class isn’t initialized yet - invalid pointer - or the OpenGL display hasn’t been setup correctly. Make sure the thread is created after all necessary setup has been done.


Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that OpenGL is not thead safe…

Although “super = (class MainGL*) aSuper;” could be a problem if “void *aSuper” refuses to be a MainGL object. I don’t understand why you are using a void pointer for your data in C++, as the language has usefull features to avoid such things.

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