OpenGL porting problem from Win98 to NT4.0/Win2K - who ever would have guessed?

What’s brown and sticky?

  • A stick.

My problem is a bit more serious than that.

I’m doing my final year at uni and have come across a problem with my OpenGL applications.

The thing is I’m writting my code on my home PC running Win98. But the PC’s in my uni run NT4 and Win2K.

I have gone back to scratch and am only trying to run a basic application ie a basic page flipper that does absolutely nothing, just flip the buffers.

The program runs fine on my home PC, and compiles on the uni PC’s. However, when I try to run the program on the uni PC’s depending on my chosen WinDoh!s I get either the infamous blue screen (NT4), or the PC just reboots (Win2K).

Does anybody have a suggestion, or do you all agree I should send lots of hate mail to microsoft.

Or should I just send lots of hate mail to microsoft, no matter if the problem is solved or not?

No I would just send them a good Chicken Vindaloo and some lager…

But on a more serious note.

You have to give a little more info about what you doing for anybody to be able offer help.

First thing would be to step through your code in an IDE until it crashes to find out where it’s crashing ??


It’s possible that you’re doing absolutely nothing wrong. I have several of my own programs and multiple demos from various sources that run perfectly on lots of cards, but I have one system with an older ATI card that refuses to run any full-screen OpenGL program. The system is running Win2K with the “latest” ATI drivers for it. Any attempt to run full-screen kills the system deader than a doornail. Funny, windowed mode runs without a hitch. Bottom line - it could be the driver’s problem and not your program.

Okay, part two of my problem.

I’ve tried running it on 3 different computers running Win2K, since I posted the topic.

The first machine with a 15" Flat screen monitor run the program fine.

The second machine had a 17" Flat screen, but the program fell over and said something about a KMODE_EXCEPTION_ERROR and then monitor tried to auto-adjust iteslf before the computer rebooted.

The third machine, with a 17" CRT, done the same as the second except it gave a PAGE_FAULT_ERROR.

So it’s not my code, as far as I can see.

I see a pattern forming. Has anyone else had any problems with 17" monitors?

I guess monitor has nothing with problem. If you don’t believe, take this computer with 17’’ and switch a 15’’ monitor to it.It will crash.
Tellbetter, if , for example OpenGL games are running at that comps. I thing this are drivers kidding.