OpenGL Performer startup problem!!

I installed SGI-OpenGL Performer 3.1.1 (for Windows XP). I included the path (D:\Program Files\Silicon Graphics\OpenGL Performer\Include) in Properties>C/C++>General>Additional Include Directories (VS.NET). I imported the following set of header files into my application:

#include <Performer/pf.h>
#include <Performer/pfutil.h>
#include <Performer/pfdu.h>

The application does not compile as it says “d:\Program Files\Silicon Graphics\OpenGL Performer\Include\Performer\pr.h(71): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘ulocks.h’: No such file or directory”

I have searched for ‘ulocks.h’ and it does exist at the same level as ‘pr.h’ in the path ‘D:\Program Files\Silicon Graphics\OpenGL Performer\Include\Performer’

Where am I faltering? … thanks a lot

Specify additional include dirs with -I (or equivalent for your compiler).

This is off topic I’ll move it to higher level APIs.

Additional Include Directories -
“D:\Program Files\Silicon Graphics\OpenGL Performer\Include”;“D:\Program Files\DirectXSDK\Include”

thanks …