OpenGL own window system

Hey, i’m really new on this, and i don’t even know if this is the right place to post my trouble, please be tolerant

I’m using GLUT to create my windows, but I want to create my own system of windows, and avoid the Microsoft, Mac, etc, styles and resources…

Could you indicate me the right way to do what i want?
Any help or orientation would be appreciated, thank you!

What do you mean by your own system of Windows? You want to write a window GUI to control which windows are visible? Or are you just looking for a library that is portable across platforms that provides an OpenGL interface and GUI widgets and such?

GLUT is pretty basic in its handling of windows. If you want really precise control, Qt provides a really good windowing system and has OpenGL widgets you can use. Is that what you’re looking for?

Ahm, i meant to make a GUI system avoiding another libraries… there is any chance to create your own GUI system?

Something like…
but without the Microsoft WinAPI…
you can see the content of the winAPI as a GUI, but it depends of the winAPI and i don’t want that

or this…

Greetings and thank you, i realy appreaciate it

And you want to create something like that from scratch? Hrmm, cross platform font rendering is kind of tough without a library. What were you planning on doing for that? There are a few tutorials on font rendering using textures, but it’s a huge hassle.

When you say you want to avoid resources, what does that mean? You’re code can’t ship with a texture file? That makes it a bit more complex… This is a pretty big undertaking. Maybe you could provide a few more detailed questions…

I don’t really understand what you want either. You want to create your own homebrew gui windowing system (e.g. X+Qt+KDE) or just a windowing system inside your openGL application (as in those examples you posted)? or both?

i hope you understand me now with that image
the first window is from winAPI, the sencond one(is not real, i did it with PS) is what i want

i don’t know if i can do it just with opengl, i was trying to take out the title bar with glut, but i found it’s impossiblle, and i don’t want to use winAPI or another API which i can avoid, but i don’t know where to start


You can draw anything with OpenGL. But writing a GUI system is not a trivial undertaking.

OpenGL is a rendering API, not a GUI system. A GUI system can render with OpenGL, but OpengL does not provide what you want directly.

Maybe a little over the top:

Make a transparent GLUT window, without borders.
Make a show function with a title and message-parameter. And show this screen.
You still need API-calls to determine the of the close or OK button is pressed.
Also it’s kinda hard to move this box.
You can do the same with other Windows, although this concept need more thinking, and a hell of a work