OpenGL Overloads

Hi people. I’m very new to OpenGL and have no experience in C++ either (haha), but i have taken on a project to use OpenGL overloads to intercept and change the appearence of the images etc. I have been looking all over the net for tutorials, or examples etc. But have come up with very little. I have a couple of examples from work, but they are not very user friendly. Also i will be working in Linux (red hat enterprise). If anyone could tell me where to find some resources, or anyone with experience in overloads could help me out that would be very much appreciated!! thanks in advance :slight_smile:

btw, i have tried searching the forums, but cant find anything.

You mean something like glIntercept ? Search for it and check it out, maybe it helps you. Although i am not sure if it is open source.

And i doubt you will be successful if you don’t have any experience neither in C++ nor in OpenGL so far, but maybe i just misunderstood what you are trying to do.


thanks for the reply.

What i am working on is IBM’s DCV. here is the link to it:

and this is the user guide i am using:

if you search for Overloads in there then that’ll show you what im trying to do.

hope that explains a bit more…


Seems simple enough, what’s the problem, they’ve done all the work for you, you just need to modify/provide the wrappers it seems.

P.S. it may help if you are very specific about the effect you are looking for. Given that you’re intercepting a stream of OpenGL calls you can make modal changes to the appearance, but some stuff would need modification of the data and you don’t have that option. So, what are you up to?

hi. i am specifically after a 3d effect. say if i had a black square and a blue square, i want the blue square to come out of the screen with a stereo effect… is this at all possible???


Anyone have any thoughts? or experiences with overloads? what other things are there i could do apart from do the inverse colours and stereo thing?? if there is somewhere on the net that has a list of all effects and how to execute them in the code…