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The website is now being hosted by DigitalOcean. From everyone at The Khronos Group a big thanks to DigitalOcean and staff for their generosity and the excellent support!If you notice any strange behaviour on the site, please let us know. We’re now running our setup with load balancers in front of VM webservers so in theory the site should be more responsive.

I’m working out a bug I introduced in the load balancer traffic. Some JS features aren’t working properly right now. Aiming for a fix later today.

Cleaned up a few more bugs today. Things should be pretty smooth from here on out. If you see anything strange or off beat, please PM me, or post here.

The reference pages don’t work for me (Firefox 31.0, Windows). This applies to all versions (OpenGL 2, 3, and 4). The top-level page loads correctly but the frames are blank.

Examining the requests using Firefox’ browser console tool indicates that the requests for the frames return a 200 status with an empty body. But the browser console also indicates that the requests have the header “X-Frame-Options: DENY”, which instructs the browser to refuse attempts to display the page as a frame (as an anti-clickjacking measure). So I’m guessing that the content is actually returned but discarded by the browser due to that header. Given that these pages are meant to be shown in a frame, that header appears to be incorrect.

I’m seeing the same thing on Firefox 38.0.5, Windows 7.

This issue has been resolved. Thanks for the heads up!

The forums are full of junk threads created by bots. Could you please delete them and look into some effective anti-spam measures?

Sorry if I write this here, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate place.

In order to modify/edit the OpenGL wiki one must have an account. I go to “create account”, fill all the requested fields, optional name included, and I press “create”:

Account creation error
Incorrect or missing CAPTCHA.

But… there is no captcha :eek:…?!?