OpenGL Optimizer

For a couple of months I’ve tried to get a copy
of OpenGL Optimizer. I’ve been in contact with
my closest SGI reseller without very much of success.

Is the product still available? what is the
current pricing? Does anyone know of a reseller?
Location is not important!



Optimizer is pretty much dead. SGI stopped adding features a long time ago, and I haven’t seen n terms of bugfixes for the last year or two either.

The functionality most people were interested in, the tesselators, have been moved into Performer, so that might be an option if that’s what you need.

(ObPlug :slight_smile: ) Or if you’re looking for an Open Source version of NURBS you can wait for SIGGRAPH and use the next OpenSG version.

Hope it helps



I saw optimizer had support for Catia v4 import, what about performer? what file format is performer using? Is it good for vizualising large model sets like Optimizer?

Is Performer considered as a “living” product? Or will it meet the same destiny as Optimizer?
Any ideas?

Looking forward to see OpenSG, sound promising.




SGI Opengl Performer is still a living product, for how long who knows though.

Performer is aimed at the Real-time 3d simulation market typically flight sim, war-game type sims etc/ blah blah

I don’t think it will handle the large amounts of data as well as Optimizer does, unless they have interegrated most of optimizer into Performer

You can down load a free and full version of Performer from the SGI web Site. Give it a try and see if it can help you …

yes, optimizer is dead for quite a long time … it was really a useful toolkit at that time, I am feeling very sorry that it went under during the various course changes of sgi. This was one of the reasons for dirk and others to step in and create OpenSG (which I use, sorry for the shameless plug) so noone has to rely on a closed source scenegraph api that can be pulled anytime.

If you are interested in performer (which is also a very powerful toolkit from sgi) bear in mind that you need runtime licenses for every deployed instance of your application.

Good luck