OpenGL on Win XP

Where do I put the OpenGL files to make them work? The GLSetup that comes with Quake III Arena only works under Win95 and Win98.

Once I downloaded the newest OpenGL (put the files into C:\Windows\System), Quake worked fine the first time. But the consequetive tries failed, with grafics being strange (basically everything–scenery and players–consisted of triangles and the lighting was weird).

P.S. I have a Permedia2 video card, it’s got the newest drivers.

where did u download the opengl files?

Right here on this site (, the OpenGl 1.1.

Well… I downloaded OpenGL 1.1 and copied the file opengl32.dll to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and guess what?


WindowsXP will recognise the fact that you have replaced it own LAME version of opengl32.dll and tell you that a critical file has been changed and insert your Windows XP Installation CD to restore it (or words to that effect) - just click on cancel and tell it to bugger off!!!

Rocket Arena 3 - I’M BACK!!!


You’re lucky, dude, cause this doesn’t work for me. I’m pretty sure the old .dll gets replaced since the OpenGL95.exe is a DOS problem and it goes ahead and just replaced whatever it wants…

Any other advice?

Appreciate your help.